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[Wind Band - March]March "Silver Spirits"/Eiji Suzuki
[Wind Band - Japanese Composers]Songs and Dances/Eiji Suzuki

[Wind Band - Japanese Composers]Prelude To The Shining Day/Yo Goto

[Wind Band - Transcription&Arrangements]Salut d'amour

[Foundation of Performance Series]Foundation of Performance 2(CD+Sheet Set)

[Wind Band - Pops]Samba Express
[Wind Band - Pops]From Symphony No.1
[Wind Band - Pops]Tristesse
[Wind Band - Pops]Polovtsian Dances
[Wind Band - Pops]Siciliano
[Wind Band - Pops]Fly High
[Wind Band - Pops]Happy Birthday to You
[Wind Band - Pops]Viva Massima
[Wind Band - Pops]Grand Finale for the Festival